Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Belen, NM

We take pride in caring for your animal companion throughout their life and helping them overcome health challenges. As they get older, it’s important for us to help keep them comfortable and protected from illness, which is a bigger risk for elderly and geriatric dogs and cats. End of life care also involves humane euthanasia, a gentle, compassionate solution to suffering caused by terminal illness, extreme old age, or critical injury. Cat and dog euthanasia enables us to end a pet’s suffering peacefully

If you’re ready to speak with your vet about your pet’s end of life care, including euthanasia, call us at (505) 864-4075.

Senior Mixed Breed Dog Smiling At Camera And Standing At Grass

Knowing when It’s Time to Say Goodbye

As a pet owner, you can probably tell when your companion isn’t acting like themselves. When it comes to considering their end of life care, it’s important to assess your pet’s quality of life and minimize their suffering as much as possible. While never ideal, cat and dog euthanasia is usually the kindest thing we can do for our pets when they are no longer able to live comfortably or happily.

If you see any of the issues below taking place, contact us so we can talk about your pet’s options.

  • Lack of appetite (no eating or drinking)
  • Struggling to stand and walk, slow to lay down
  • Chronic vomiting/diarrhea
  • Incontinent (little control of bladder or bowels)
  • Sleeping most of the time
  • Often shows signs of pain (whining, panting, or shaking)
Closeup Portrait Face Of One Sad Sleepy Calico Maine Coon Cat Face Lying On Bed In Bedroom Room Looking Down Bored With Depression

What to Expect with Pet Euthanasia

With euthanasia, we can help dogs and cats pass on peacefully with their family at their side. It’s never an easy decision to make, but where your pet’s well-being is concerned, ending their suffering is our highest priority. We do not recommend this procedure lightly. Know that the decision is yours and yours alone, but our team will always be here to help you and your pet through the process.

Each cat and dog euthanasia procedure is performed with care. We’ll be glad to grant you and your family all the time and privacy you need with your pet, until you are ready to proceed. Euthanasia involves two steps: administering a sedative to send your pet into a deep, comfortable sleep, and then administering the euthanasia, which works quickly and painlessly.

We can also offer after care options for your pet’s remains. Please contact us at (505) 864-4075 to make arrangements.