Pet Surgery in Belen, NM

Valencia Animal Clinic offers a variety of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures to address a multitude of health conditions, from bone fractures to tumors, foreign bodies, and bladder stones. In addition, our doctors routinely perform spay and neuter surgeries at the highest level, ensuring every pet’s safety and comfort throughout their procedure. We approach pet surgery with the same care and precaution you would expect in human surgery, with careful monitoring, pain management, and daytime hospitalization. When your pet is in our care, they will always be in capable, caring hands.

Contact our clinic in Belen, NM at (505) 864-4075 to schedule your pet’s surgery.

Pet Owner With His Old Dog After Surgery

Recommendations and Requirements that Make Pet Surgery in Belen, NM Safer

For pet surgery (and other anesthetic procedures, such as dentals), we:

  • Recommend pre-anesthetic blood work and/or ECG heart function testing for dogs and cats of any age that are undergoing an anesthetic procedure
  • Require our patients 8 years of age and older to undergo pre-anesthetic blood work for surgeries and dentals

Our Pet Surgery Safety Protocols

Along with pre-anesthetic blood work and ECG testing, we also monitor your pet’s heart, respiration, and blood pressure throughout their surgery to make sure they are stable and at minimal risk for complications. Because your pet’s body temperature will drop while they are under anesthesia, we’ll provide warm blankets and other means to prevent hypothermia.

For further support, we place an IV catheter on your pet in case we need to administer fluids or other medications during their surgery. Also, we administer pain medication as needed during and after the procedure to reduce post-op discomfort.

Cat Wearing Blue Protective Buster Collar

Post-Op Recovery Tips

Before you take your pet home after their surgery, our team will go over everything you need to know about the procedure and what you’ll need to do to help your pet recover fully. Here are some tips to help things go smoothly:

  • Make sure your pet’s incision stays clean and dry
  • Check the incision daily for swelling, skin hardening, odor, discoloration, and broken stitches
  • Don’t let other pets lick the incision area; if necessary, keep your animals separated or outfit your pet in a snug garment such as a onesie or old T-shirt to protect the incision
  • Limit your pet’s activity to prevent them from running and jumping around too much (this can tear some of their stitches)

Don’t hesitate to contact Valencia Animal Clinic at (505) 864-4075 if you have questions or need help. We will be glad to assist you!