Making Sure Dogs and Cats
Thrive with Pet Exams
in Belen, NM

Pet exams are first and foremost about helping your companion stay healthy and treating any issues that have developed. However, they are also great opportunities for our team to build a better relationship with you and your pet. Seeing you both regularly means we’ll have a more complete medical history for your pet, and it will be easier for us to recommend any treatments that will increase their quality of life. Our team in Belen, NM is deeply invested in helping you care for your pet and have as many wonderful years with them as possible.

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Pet Exams Belen Nm

What do Pet Exams Entail?

The physical exam itself is very important. We can check your pet for skin rashes, lumps and bumps, abnormal swelling, sudden weight gain or loss, fever, and other potential problems and address them right then and there. But there are other critical steps, such as:

  • Running blood and fecal tests so we can check your pet for parasites and infections*
  • Giving your pet their vaccinations (if they’re due)
  • Deworming (if your pet is positive for worms)
  • Providing parasite preventatives (fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms)
  • Answering all your questions and offering nutrition recommendations
  • Discussing and addressing any behavioral issues your pet is having

*We recommend annual fecal exams for all pets. Keeping them parasite-free is important for their health and also protects you and your other human family members from zoonotic diseases, which can be passed from animals to humans.

Valencia Animal Clinic Pet Exams

Manage Your Pet’s Care more Easily with Our Wellness Packages

At Valencia Animal Clinic, we offer affordable healthcare packages to pets of all ages. Our goal is to make managing your pet’s wellness care easier for you, and to make sure your companion is getting the complete care they need to live their best life.

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