Spay and Neuter Services in Belen, NM

Keeping pets and the greater Belen community healthy has always been our mission, and spaying and neutering is a big part of that. At Valencia Animal Clinic, we regularly perform spay and neuter surgeries to prevent dogs and cats from breeding and developing reproductive diseases later in life. Additionally, spays and neuters help to reduce overpopulation among stray dogs and cats, which in turn decreases crowding in animal shelters. Our hope is that each year, more and more pets are able to find their forever families and enjoy long, healthy lives in loving homes

To set a date for your pet’s spay/neuter procedure, call us at (505) 864-4075.

Pet Spay Neuter In Belen Nm

How Individual Dogs and Cats Benefit from Spay and Neuter Surgeries

It’s natural for dogs and cats to want to breed among themselves, but this can result in some unpleasant consequences. Unwanted pregnancies can lead to more unwanted pregnancies, along with crowded shelters and far too many animals being needlessly euthanized.

Spay and neuter procedures can help to curb these problems in the pet population, but they also offer benefits to each individual pet.

Spaying Female Dogs and Cats

  • Prevents females from having their heat cycle ever again
  • Greatly minimizes your pet’s risk for certain cancers, including breast cancer (mammary gland tumors) and ovarian cancer
  • Prevents females from developing a serious infection of the uterus (pyometra)
  • Can limit the desire to find a mate, which can put your pet in danger

Neutering Male Dogs and Cats

  • Greatly limits hormonal aggression
  • Reduces the tendency in males to spray urine to mark their territory and roam to find a mate
  • Can lower the risk for prostate and testicular cancers
Cat And Dog

When to Spay and Neuter

Most dogs and cats can be spayed and neutered at 6 months of age, but some dogs should wait longer. Large breeds need more time to grow; spaying or neutering them too soon may deprive them of essential growth hormones.

To find out when your pet can be spayed or neutered, contact us at (505) 864-4075.