Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Belen, NM

Dental (or periodontal) disease can sneak up on even the most seemingly healthy pets! While the disease is preventable with daily teeth brushing and regular checkups at the vet, a majority of adult dogs and cats actually do have some form of dental disease. This typically includes swollen gums, yellow/brown buildup on the teeth, and bad breath that’s hard to ignore. To prevent the progression and any future onset of dental disease in pets, our clinic in Belen, NM offers cat and dog teeth cleaning procedures and a variety of high-quality dental care products you can safely use at home.

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pet teeth cleaning in Belen NM

Why Dogs and Cats Need Periodic Professional Teeth Cleanings

Like people, pets benefit from having their teeth brushed. However, plaque and bacteria can still get under the gum line, and a toothbrush can’t reach those nooks and crannies. A professional teeth cleaning under anesthesia is essential for your pet, because we need to safely and thoroughly clean above and below their gum line to remove every trace of plaque and tartar. If anything is left behind, it can spread and secrete infectious bacteria into the mouth and possibly even into the bloodstream.

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How We Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

At Valencia Animal Clinic, we approach teeth cleaning procedures as we do surgeries. To reduce anesthesia risks, we might recommend pre-anesthetic blood work to check the health and function of your pet’s liver and kidneys.

When we clean your pet’s teeth, we:

  • First examine the mouth and each tooth, and check for periodontal pockets, a telltale sign of infection
  • Dental X-rays of the mouth to assess the tooth roots and jaw bone
  • Use hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling to remove hardened plaque and tartar from both the crown and root of each tooth

If necessary, we can also perform tooth extractions. Teeth that have come loose, become cracked, or infected need to be removed as soon as possible. We’ll provide your pet with the appropriate pain relief after their procedure.

Regular teeth cleanings and routine dental care at home are essential to your pet’s oral health and overall quality of life. Call (505) 864-4075 if you need help finding a dental plan that works for you and your pet!